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Amazon prematurely announces a cheaper Echo Dot

Amazon launched the Alexa-enabled Echo Dot back in March. Strangely, the unit has been listed as sold out on the firm’s website since July, which led many people to speculate that a new variant was on its way — and it’s now looking like they were right.

Earlier today, Amazon prematurely fired a tweet from its official Echo Twitter account, promoting an “all-new” model of the Echo Dot. Unfortunately, the tweet didn’t provide any information about the unit other than that it’ll carry a price tag of $49.99, which is $40 less than its predecessor.

For those unaware of the first-generation Echo Dot, it’s a puck-sized contraption that can be connected to any speaker to turn it into an Alexa-powered device, capable of providing users with weather updates, traffic alerts and even a breakdown of their schedule.

Much to my disappointment, we don’t know exactly when this new model will be available or what new features it will bring to the table, but seeing as a tweet was scheduled to go live, we’re guessing that it will break cover fairly soon.

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Published September 13, 2016 — 13:13 UTC