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Maybe the LG V20 won’t be so modular after all

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Another day, another set of leaks. Renders of the upcoming LG V20 have hit the wild yet again, but curiously, this time around it looks quite different.

While the previous leak indicated the phone would clearly use a modular system similar to the current G5 (sighs), this new leak by @evleaks looks decidedly less modular.


Mainly, the metal portion at the bottom of the phone is much smaller this time around, flanked by a prominent LG logo on the glass bezel. It’s hard to imagine such a small portion of the device being detachable, and there are no visible seams

Here’s the old leak for comparison:


Of course, it’s hard to tell from a render this size without a side view, but it’s certainly possible LG made some last minute changes after the G5’s woes.

This leak does also seem to confirm the secondary ‘ticker’ display will be returning for this iteration of the device.

The LG V20 is set to be announced in early September as the first phone running Android Nougat out of the box, so it won’t be long until we find out.

Published August 24, 2016 — 23:01 UTC

Probable LG V20 render leaks with a less modular look on Android Police

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