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DJI Osmo+ gimbal for iPhone offers more bang for the same buck


DJI, best known for making the best consumer drones around, also make a pretty spectacular Osmo gimbal for use with iPhone. Today, they’re updating it with digital zoom.

The Osmo+ keeps everything we like about the original, but adds a 7x zoom feature (3.5x optical, 2x digital). DJI says its focal length is 22mm to 77mm, and the digital zoom is lossless when shooting in 1080p.

Osmo+ also has timelapse, and lets you set a start and end point for movement over a desired period of time. DJI also improved the stabilization features on the Osmo+, which will be optimized when capturing stills.

The Osmo+ keeps the same $649 price tag of the original, an can be used with DJI’s $449 Zenmuse X3 camera if you want to get really serious about mobile videography.

Published August 25, 2016 — 16:17 UTC

Osmo+ on DJI