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McDonald’s plan to get kids moving backfires as free fitness trackers draw complaints

It’s common knowledge that people don’t visit McDonald’s for healthy eats, but the global restaurant chain often tries its best to promote smarter choices by doing things like including fresh fruit in its Happy Meals.

Its latest initiative didn’t go over so well. The company’s restaurants in the US and Canada began handing out free fitness trackers designed for kids with its Happy Meals earlier this week. Following reports that they cause skin irritation, McDonald’s has shut down the promotion just a day after it started.

The company told the Associated Press that it would offer an alternative toy to Happy Meal customers instead. It isn’t clear exactly why the trackers are causing irritation; the company is currently investigating the issue.

The incident should serve as another reminder that visiting McDonald’s isn’t exactly the best way to get fit.

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Published August 18, 2016 — 07:04 UTC

McDonald's to stop distributing Happy Meal activity trackers on Associated Press