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Sonos sends out invites to a mystery event on August 30

Sonos Invite

Sonos is getting ready to announce… something.

The company today sent out a cryptic invite to an event in late August in New York:

Sonos Home

Sonos is remaining tight lipped about what it plans to reveal. Given the “future of sound at home” and “it’s all connected” line, it sounds more like an upgrade to the softwaer or even the platform as a whole.

The company did just open up huge store in NYC last month – one of the coolest tech shops I’ve ever been to – where I learned it’s focusing on branching out and reaching a wider audience in the coming years. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this announcement follow in that thread.

Stay tuned to TNW for more once the day rolls by.

Published August 15, 2016 — 22:42 UTC