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Chromecast competitor Airtame completely overhauls its firmware


Airtame, a Chromecast-like HDMI dongle aimed at the enterprise space, has completely overhauled its firmware.

The new ‘Airtame 2.0’ is “a complete overhaul of the Airtame code,” and adds a lot of functionality businesses will enjoy. Without losing any functionality, Airtame added cross-platform support so it’s useful for any operating system.

It also has a native Web browser which can be accessed wirelessly or via an ethernet cable, and software for businesses to run a custom KPI dashboard.


Those dashboards can also run independently of a computer, which make them even more unique. Chromecast requires proximity to a computer to run dashboards, but Airtame’s API and native browser allow it to operate dashboards independently.

“What makes Airtame unique is the device’s dual use, combining both active and passive digital streaming,” says Co-Founder and CEO of Airtame, Jonas Gyalokay. “With this new release, Airtame offers businesses a seamless wireless experience while sharing screens. In this world of abundant data and information, it’s critical to empower your business with the right data. The Airtame 2.0 firmware makes us one of the only streaming devices for businesses that combine the two use cases, and we are looking forward to seeing our product improve our customer’s day-to-day business.”

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Published August 2, 2016 — 14:59 UTC

Airtame 2.0 on Airtame