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Leak: Samsung’s new Gear VR has wider field of view, works with Note 7


The Samsung Gear VR is already the best VR experience you can get without dumping $1,000 or more on a standalone kit and PC, but a new leak suggests it’s about to get much better.

Most critically, the new Gear VR will reportedly have a 110-degree field of vision — a marked uptick from the current model’s 96-degree view. If you’ve ever felt as though you were looking through a portal into VR, that might help.

Elsewhere, the next Gear VR is said to work with larger devices like the incoming Note 7. It’s believed to be backwards compatible for those of use who don’t want to upgrade our devices.

The hardware doesn’t look much different, either. If anything, the next Gear VR is an iterative take on the original, which is fine by us (it’s pretty great).

Unfortunately, we don’t get any word on pricing. The original Gear VR hit shelves at $99, so we’re expecting the same price-point for this one as well.

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Published August 1, 2016 — 16:41 UTC

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