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There are now Pokemon Go-themed sex toys, oh god, oh god, oh god


Any hot pop culture item is bound to end up with its own sexual parody; while we haven’t yet heard of a Pokemon Go porn (it probably exists, but I’ve not dared Google it), we can confirm that there are now PoGo-themed sex toys called Pokemoan. And they will ruin your childhood.

The toys come in four different shapes that represent the original starter Pokemon, each with names like “Bulby,” Charmy,” “Squirty,” and “Piky.” The last one in particular is shaped like tail in case you’re into that kind of role-playing in the bedroom.

…Cute, I guess?

Gives a bit of a new meaning to, “You teach me and I’ll teach you,” doesn’t it?

Depending on which you buy, they range from $50 to, heh, $69. Probably best to keep these away from poor Professor Oak, though Professor Willow might have something different to say about them.

Published July 29, 2016 — 13:30 UTC

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