This 7-inch Frankenphone comes with Android, PC Windows, and a projector

Akyumen Holofone

While manufacturers like Motorola are trying to make smartphones more versatile with expandable modules, others are fighting the good ol’ fight of sticking more stuff into a phone than you ever thought possible. Take the Chinese manufacturer Akyumen and its dual-OS beast of a phone.

The 7-inch ‘phone’ (remember when tablets were 7 inches?) comes with a 35 lumen projector that shoots out a 100-inch image. Oh and it dual boots Android (Lollipop, for some reason) and Windows 10. Not the mobile version, mind you – honest-t0-god PC Windows 10.

Akymen Holofone

Other specs include:

  • Intel Atom (Cherry Trail) 8300 processor
  • 1080p screen
  • Ambiguous ‘High-Definition’ projection resolution
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 2910 mAh (on a phone this size…. with a projector??)
  • 13 MP camera

The phone costs $600 (up to $950 with accessory bundles) and is set to release on September 1, but all pre-orders are currently filled. With all these features in one device, who needs modules?

Published July 29, 2016 — 21:46 UTC