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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Flickr upload machine

In March, Flickr lost a lot of love among its fans when it began charging $5.99 a month for the ability to automatically upload photos from the desktop.

That’s a bummer for those who enjoy the Yahoo-owned service and its free 1TB of storage space. But if you’re keen on beating the system and getting your photos into the cloud without shelling out for Flickr’s Pro plan, this Raspberry Pi project is for you.

Developer Eduardo Balsa’s Flickrup utilizes a Python script to automatically upload images from a USB drive or storage card to your account, with viewing rights set to Private. Once it’s done, it’ll alert you via email with a log file and unmount the storage device so you can remove it. How nifty is that?

All you need is a spare Raspberry Pi and the Flickrup project files – which are available on Balsa’s GitHub repository – and a little free time to set it up.

Via Lifehacker

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Published June 14, 2016 — 09:08 UTC

flickrup on GitHub