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HP has a backpack for VR coming, and it’s equal parts cool and stupid


Do you really want to strap a computer to your back while using VR? My answer is ‘lol no,’ but HP thinks many of you will disagree.

The unnamed project from HP packs an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 32GB memory and a GPU into a 10 pound case that you’re supposed to strap on your back while pretending to be someone else in a virtual environment.


There are naturally a few ports (HDMI and USB), but not as many as you’ll find on a standalone computer; this one’s meant for VR.


A separate belt has batteries to power it, and fans along the bottom of the case move heat away. HP thinks you’ll get about an hour of play before needing to recharge your batteries.

We don’t know how much this VR backpack computer will cost, or when it might launch, but HP is reportedly preparing to launch it to developers in about 30 days. It may sound like a small tower strapped to your back — and it is — but this is more like a bespoke solution to VR mobility.

It’s also a bit silly, but only because VR isn’t standard technology yet. Once we get as familiar with virtual environments as we are our own, products like this make sense.

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Published May 27, 2016 — 09:29 UTC

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