HTC launches a $100M startup accelerator to show it’s really, really serious about VR

HTC Vive X

HTC’s been busy with launch of the HTC 10 and Vive, but now it’s got a new project on deck: an accelerator program for virtual reality startups.

Simply named ‘Vive X,’ the accelerator is investing $100m to cultivate its set of startups. The program will pilot in Beijing in May, after which it will arrive in Taiwan and San Francisco.

Notice the emphasis on Asia; Oculus and other VR companies haven’t made a huge dent in that market yet, so HTC – which is based in Taiwan – is trying to seize the opportunity.

Vive X will begin by handpicking a small set of startups from around Asia, but going forward “the program is open to companies from any industry that are creating content, tools, applications and accessories that enrich the VR ecosystem and end-user experience.”

Published April 26, 2016 — 19:02 UTC

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