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Amazon Echo now adds events to Google calendar like a proper digital assistant

Amazon Echo is getting a nice new feature: you can now add events to your Google calendar.

All you have to do is say something like ‘Alexa, add ‘camping with Nate’ to my Calendar for 9am this Saturday’ and she’d put it right in your calendar so you don’t forget we’re going camping this weekend.

Before this update, Alexa could tell you what was already added to your calendar, but the Echo was unable to add events itself.

To activate the feature, just go to the settings screen in the Alexa app and select ‘calendar.’

Reecent Echo updates involve asking Alexa to read you a book, hail an Uber or toggle your temperature up or down. Try scheduling one of those events and see if it completely blows Alexa’s mind.

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Published April 22, 2016 — 19:30 UTC

Amazon Echo can now add events to your Google Calendar on Engadget