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Microsoft announces a better Surface keyboard for fashionistas and people who like grey

The Surface Pro 4’s Type Cover is arguably the best tablet keyboard around, but you know what it was always missing? Luxury Italian textiles.

Or at least that’s what Microsoft thinks anyway, having created a fancy new ‘Signature’ Type Cover for Milan Design Week. The big difference is in the material; the Type Cover normally uses a soft-touch felt-like texture, but now Microsoft is using a textile called Alcantara.

Oooh, Fancy Grey
Oooh, ~fancy~ grey

A suede-like material used in luxury vehicles and the like, it provides a ‘two-tone grey mélange’ effect. Each cover’s pattern is slightly different, and it’s supposed to feel softer than the regular cover. It also takes five weeks to make.

Is there any practical benefit? Well, it’s pretty! Microsoft also says Alcantara doesn’t fade, instead getting darker and “richer” over time. Plus, it matches the SP4’s grey color, so that’s nice too, I guess.

But seriously, I’ll at least give Microsoft kudos for not giving the Signature keybord a totally ridiculous premium; it goes on sale today for $159.99, or 30 bucks over the regular colorful covers.

Now how about bringing back the Power Cover?

Published April 12, 2016 — 14:53 UTC

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