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BlackBerry’s rolling out an Android Marshmallow beta program for the Priv

BlackBerry has announced that Priv owners can register their interest to join a beta program to so start testing out the Android Marshmallow OS.

While that’s undoubtedly good news, if this is the first you’re hearing of it, you’ve already missed out on the first batch, according to Venture Beat – signups filled in less than an hour. For now, you can join the queue for subsequent allocations.

BlackBerry says the beta will last four to eight weeks; presumably that depends on how many kinks need working out before it can roll out more widely.

Beta testing doesn’t start until next week, so if you’re planning on joining that waitlist, now would be a good time. Priority for the first batch will be given to people who bought their handsets from ShopBlackBerry, Amazon or Carphone Warehouse.

So, it’ll probably be around now that BlackBerry will start getting queries about whether Android N will be coming to the the Priv anytime soon.

Published April 4, 2016 — 17:24 UTC

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