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LG’s intriguing modular G5 smartphone really needs to be released this month

Mobile World Congress 2016 might be a fast-fading memory, but one of the more unusual launches at the show was LG’s modular G5 smartphone.

However, the Korean company didn’t say exactly when it would be released. Now, however, it reportedly has – and it’ll be on shelves before the end of the month, or it needs to be.

According to the Korea Herald, the global rollout will start March 31, while pre-orders in the US are due to start from tomorrow, so there’s still time to put an order in ahead of launch day if the swappable nature of the device appeals.

LG G5 hed

The report also says that people who pre-order the G5 will be getting free promo gifts too, like an extra battery pack (which would make sense, given the design) but we’re still awaiting confirmation from LG of both the release date and deals available.

If it hits delays and doesn’t make it to retailers as soon as possible, any new potential smartphone purchasers are pretty likely to head straight for the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, given the reviews it’s received so far. Sooner is better than later, LG.

Still, if you want a modular smartphone from a big-name brand, there’s no other game in town, so you’ll just have to wait until LG is good and ready.

➤ LG to begin selling G5 on Mar.31 [Korea Herald]

Published March 18, 2016 — 11:43 UTC