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This nifty device takes the hassle out of remembering your meds


When it comes to smart devices making our lives easier in the home, it’s not difficult to find countless thermostats, lights, coffee machines and even robots.

So it surprised me when New York-based startup HERO announced its latest creation – a smart pill dispenser – that I couldn’t think of anything similar.

The HERO device looks a lot like a coffee machine but it’s designed to take the stress out of remembering to take medication. You can load in up to ten different types of pills and program it to know when you need take each one and what your dosage should be.

Its connected app will then send you an alert when it’s time for you, or someone else in your family, to take the medicine and automatically dispense the right one.

While it might sound like a simple idea, trying to remember to take various medications isn’t always straightforward. For parents and caregivers, the app will also alert you if someone else in the family has missed a scheduled dosage.

It’s definitely useful for people who take medication regularly, like the contraceptive pill or for diabetes, but it can also be used to house painkillers or any medication you might not be taking daily and it will dispense these on-demand. It shows you a count on how many have been taken and whether your supply is running low.

The device is available to pre-order now for $399, but it will set you back a hefty $999 in the summer when it goes on sale in stores.


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Published March 8, 2016 — 14:15 UTC