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HTC says if Vive VR owners try to sit on imaginary furniture, they’ll fall on their real ass

OK, OK, it’s easy to think that this one sounds pretty silly – but when you’re being transported to a land of literal non-reality, it’s easy to get caught up in the situation and forget that you’re actually a dork in a room wearing a headset.

HTC’s newly-released Vive headsets are now arriving for early purchasers, but the instruction manual had to include a reminder not to try to sit on virtual furniture or you’ll fall on your very real ass.

According to the instruction/warning manual:

“It is important to remember that simulated objects, such as furniture, that may be encountered while using the product do not exist in the real world, and injuries may result when interacting with those simulated objects as if they were real, for example, by attempting to sit down on a virtual chair.”

There’s a whole load more warnings to take into account if you’re thinking about buying one too, like the emotional impact of immersive experiences – it’s another warning given in the handbook.

Ultimately, HTC would prefer you didn’t use the Vive while alone at all (there’s a ‘chaperone’ system in place to help this), which could make watching all those porn VR vids a much more awkward experience.

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Published March 3, 2016 — 10:35 UTC