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Pebble drops Time and Time Round prices by $50 each

Pebble Time Round 3

Pebble is giving two-thirds of its current line-up a $50 price cut: the Time an Time Round are now available for $149.99 and $199.99 respectively.

Interestingly, Pebble chose to keep the Pebble Time Steel at the same $249.99 price point. That makes it seem like the Steel is now the company’s highest-end model, where  previously the perception was that the round was just as high end, if not more so.

As smartwatches become somewhat more commonplace, Pebble probably wants to keep the masses from looking at other cheap options – mainly some of the more affordable Android Watches. The low price point has always been one of Pebble’s biggest advantages over the competition.

In separate news, the company also announced that over 90 percent of Pebble Time-series users are using the health features announced in December. Now if only they’d ever release those smart straps..

Be Happier and Healthier with New Pebble Prices [Pebble Blog]

Published March 1, 2016 — 19:57 UTC