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Listen to Spotify without a phone using this tiny device

Streaming music while you’re running, walking and cycling isn’t nearly as painless as it needs to be. If you’ve ever accidentally ripped out your earphones mid-jog then you know what I’m talking about. Exercise is meant to give your brain a break from the nuisances on the end of your phone, not attach you to them with a wire or even via Bluetooth.

So, Mighty Audio reckons it has the answer in the form of a small, iPod Shuffle-like device that you can clip on to your clothes or bag and listen to your Spotify playlists without the need for a smartphone.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise $250,000 by March 24 with the aim of bringing its 1.5-inch Mighty device to backers in November this year. Already at over $77,000 in 24-hours, it seems people agree that smartphone-free streaming is the way to go.

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Mighty has an accompanying app so all you need to do is sign into Spotify on that and choose the playlists you’d like to sync. It can hold up to 48-hours worth of music.

Once synced, it stores the playlists so you won’t need an internet connection while you’re out and about.

If it’s ultimate wireless heaven you’re after, the Might works with Bluetooth headphones but you can use your wired ones as well. It charges via micro USB and the company says it offers at least 5-hours continuous playback.

The company has been working behind the scenes with Spotify as well so there’s no fear of the device being banned by the streaming service, it is complying with all of the terms and conditions.

You’re allowed to have up to three offline devices with any Spotify account so the Mighty will count as just one for anybody who purchases it.

What comes in the box
What comes in the box

The Mighty will work with iOS and Android devices and its makers say it will retail for around $80 after the crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign was offering a device to its earlybird backers who pledged $70 bit those have all been snapped up. You’ll need to pledge $79 now to get your hands on the device or $100 if you fancy a Mighty t-shirt as well.

While some might argue that an Apple Watch could do the same thing, it’s not nearly as affordable and it still comes with the annoyances of not being able to escape your phone.

Mighty is solving a simple issue that is more annoying than it really should be and judging by how much the project has raised in the last 24-hours, people are in agreement. Of course, as with any crowdfunded project, there is always a risk of delays and non-delivery.

➤ Mighty – Streaming Music Without Your Phone [Kickstarter]

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Published February 24, 2016 — 12:54 UTC