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Get Siri to turn on the heat with the new Eve Thermo

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Elgato‘s latest smart home device that lets you control your radiators with Siri is now available to buy.

The Eve Thermo attaches to your radiator valve and can be controlled via a remote or accompanying app on your iPhone – sorry Android users.

Its compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit makes it possible for you to use voice commands as well, so Siri can take over the heat control when you’re otherwise occupied.


As well as Siri integration, the app allows you to organize your Eve Thermos into groups. For example, you can set the living room as one group and have it at a different temperature to the radiators in the bedrooms, provided you’ve bought multiple devices. You can also create a recurring schedule.

The Eve Thermos is a simpler device than the Nest Thermostat, for example, and could be a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on a new smart home set-up. At £59.95, it’s a neatly priced option.

So if you’re sick of getting up and down to adjust your heating, the Eve Thermos might save you some effort. The Eve Thermo can be bought through Elgato’s online store or from Apple.

➤ Elgato enables Siri controlled heating with Eve Thermo, the HomeKit enabled radiator thermostat [Elgato]

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Published February 23, 2016 — 18:17 UTC