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The OnePlus X is now permanently available without an invite

It’s that time in the OnePlus phone cycle: the OnePlus X is now available without an invite – permanently.

We liked the phone when we went hands-on with it, but they don’t tend to sell as well as they could because the invite-only system makes them hard to access when they first go on sale.

Still, OnePlus has been speeding up the transition between the first invite-only sales and full availability as the brand grows and improves its production capacity.

While it took the original OnePlus a full year to become available without an invite (aside from some short sales), the OnePlus X moved from announcement to invite-free sales in 3 months.

Hopefully that gap will close further – then OnePlus might be able to make a serious dent in the market.

Get ready to do your No Invites dance… [OnePlus Forums]

Published January 28, 2016 — 17:03 UTC