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Watch this Intel-powered Segway transform into a robot butler

The Intel CES press conference has showcased many different integrations of its technology, but none have been more visually strange than a Segway that managed to transform into a self-navigating robot.

robot arm

You could use it as a ‘hover’board of sorts, but with a touch of a button, the Ninebot Segway can turn into a robot, complete with blinking, camera eyes and movable arms.

You can speak to the robot and ask it to follow you – if that’s your thing – or have it go check your front door to welcome your guests. Obviously, its arms aren’t long enough to actually open the door, but you could use its camera eyes to check the door in your honor.

robot blink

Segway says the robot will be commercially available in the second half of this year, as well as a developer kit. Let’s just hope it doesn’t blow up.

Published January 6, 2016 — 03:48 UTC