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Casio’s smartwatch for outdoorsmen offers 1 month of battery life, but there’s a catch

Most smartwatches released in 2015 caught a lot of flak for their ridiculously short battery life. This year, Casio has thrown its hat into the ring with a connected timepiece for outdoor adventurers, that can run for a month on a single charge.

Shown off at CES, the Casio WSD-F10 runs on Android Wear and features a 1.32-inch dual layer display that can operate in color or monochrome. Its battery will last for a month if you only use it in timekeeping-only mode, but with all its functions activated, it can run for a day before it needs charging.

The handsome Casio WSD-F10 comes in a range of colors
The handsome Casio WSD-F10 comes in a range of colors

What good is that, you ask? For starters, it means that you can set off on a long hike, use the watch’s smart features only when you need them and switch back to timekeeping-only mode for the rest of your expedition — all without needing to juice it up again.

The wearable is designed to withstand rain, shock and dust to US military standards and has sensors to measure atmospheric pressure and altitude as well as your fitness stats.

Casio says the device is suitable for trekking, fishing and cycling integrates with fitness and activity apps like RunKeeper, ViewRanger, and MyRadar.

You’ll have to spend a pretty penny to wrap one around your wrist, though: Android Police reports that the watch will cost around $500 when it becomes available in April.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

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Published January 6, 2016 — 08:07 UTC