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Breitling’s $8,900 Exospace B55 is a smartwatch for super-rich aviation enthusiasts

Swiss watchmaker Breitling has launched the Exospace B55, a smartwatch that combines a quartz movement with advanced chronograph functions that all you pilots out there will find useful.

The B55 combines an analog dial with a digital display so you can see the time at two locations with just a glance. You can also use the swap function to switch the time displayed on the hands and the screen. It looks pretty nifty when you use your phone to enable the feature.

Aviation enthusiasts will want to check out the B55’s Chrono Flight features: when you’re flying a plane, the watch can record the time elapsed between the moment the aircraft begins to move, to the time it stops at the end of its mission.

The watch can also memorize the date, departure and arrival times of each flight, plus takeoff and landing times, as well as airport codes, and then save the data to your phone.

Breitling's B55 lets you record flight times and displays notifications from your phone
Credit: Breitling
Breitling’s B55 lets you record flight times and displays notifications from your phone

The watch can also receive and display notifications of email, SMS, WhatsApp messages and calendar items, as well as let you know who’s calling. It doesn’t offer the bevy of interactive features other smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Android Wear timepieces, but that’s clearly not the area of focus here.

The B55 has a titanium 46mm case, a backlighting system that’s activated automatically when you turn your wrist past 35° and a SuperQuartz movement that’s said to be 10 times as accurate as standard quartz. For obvious reasons, it’s designed to withstand challenging weather conditions.

At $8,900, it’s not for everyone — but it’s nice to know that there’s finally a wearable that pilots can get behind.

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Published December 18, 2015 — 12:52 UTC