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EE’s recalling ALL of its ‘Power Bar’ chargers due to fire risk, but there’s good news too

EE has put out a precautionary recall of all its Power Bar portable chargers due to them posing a potential fire risk.

The company announced the decision via Twitter, requesting that all units are returned to an EE store. It also said:

“If you have a Power Bar, you should stop using it straight away and hand it in to one of our stores.

We are taking this action because we are aware of a very small number of further incidents where Power Bars have overheated in circumstances that could cause a fire safety risk.”

The devices launched in April and were intended to offer an additional level of convenience for EE customers that found themselves short of power while out and about. However, in July one caught fire while charging, leading EE to offer advice to users to check and see if they had an affected unit. Now, it’s asking customers to return them all, regardless of the batch number.

In exchange for the essentially free Power Bar (they cost 35 pence, charged via SMS), you’ll get £20 of credit to spend on EE’s accessories site.

And no, there’s no point going on eBay to snap up multiple units to exchange for £20 credit – it’s only valid once for each person.

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Published December 17, 2015 — 11:25 UTC