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Ideal Gifts: The Movo Wave is the perfect stocking stuffer to help you get in shape

Movo Wave

In the Ideal Gifts series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for gifts to give this holiday season.

It’s all too easy to pack on a few extra pounds while feasting through the holiday season. If you’d like to help your loved ones get back in shape, add the Movo Wave fitness tracker to your gift shopping list.

At just $35, the Wave is fairly inexpensive and offers just enough features for people who want to start losing a few inches. It measures distance, steps and calories burned and so is great for walking and running.

The Movo Wave is a great way to help people take up a fitness routine
The Movo Wave is a great way to help people take up a fitness routine

There’s no interface on the device: it counts steps as long as you wear it, so you don’t need to remember to start and stop tracking your jogs. To see your progress, simply plug the device into your Android or iOS phone’s headphone jack and pair it with the companion app.

I began using it in March when I first reviewed it; it still accompanies me every time I head out. I find the ability to track my daily steps gives me a reason to choose walking over driving short distances, and that’s certainly worth $35.

The Wave looks neat, lets you add a color accent with an accessory loop and lasts two weeks on a single charge. The app has also recently been updated to let you snap a progress selfie when you check your stats for the day.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for folks who are just getting started with fitness routines, the Wave is a no-brainer.

➤ Movo Wave [$35]

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Published December 1, 2015 — 16:43 UTC

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