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This 2-person synth-sampler combo is the ultimate instrument for DJs

A couple of researchers have developed a hybrid keyboard that combines a sampler and a supercollider synth engine. It allows two people to capture, manipulate and play samples with keyboards… at the same time.

Designed by Ben Bengler & Fiore Martin, the Colloidoscope features a large waveform display with knobs to help performers select a portion of the sample they want to play with. They can then turn the resulting sound into a synth instrument.

Now for the bad news: you can’t buy it, because it’s only a prototype and the team doesn’t yet have plans to manufacture it commercially yet. However, if you’d like to hire or try the Colloidoscope or have Ben and Fiore fiddle with your music on it, you can contact them using this form.

Crazy Synthesizer Demo [Doctor Mix via Engadget]

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Published November 23, 2015 — 06:05 UTC