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This is how you’ll shop for cars in 2020

Volvo partnered with Microsoft over the past six months to demonstrate what it might be like for car buyers to use the tech company’s HoloLens mixed reality headset and get a better look at their next ride, inside and out.

The rendered video shows how shoppers will be able to check out useful features that are often overlooked because drivers no longer read car manuals. Detailed visualizations also help them understand how these features work in various scenarios.

The Verge got to try it out in real life and noted that HoloLens had a few issues given that it’s still early days for the technology: you can’t get up close to the holographic vehicle without the image distorting or disappearing altogether.

Still, it has tremendous potential to change the way we buy cars — and just about anything else, for that matter.

Published November 20, 2015 — 07:36 UTC