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TarDisk Pear creates a Fusion Drive for your MacBook via the SD Card slot

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Wishing your MacBook had a Fusion Drive? Now it can! A company named TarDisk is using a small drive that fits into an SD Card slot to bring Fusion to your mobile device.

The Pear works by immediately executing commands at the root level to “logically allocate files” between your existing drive and your new one. From there, you no longer have to manage your drives and shove files around.

Pear is made of an aluminum shell and NAND storage with 4K flash controller. A 128GB Pear will cost $149, while the 256GB version is $399.

The downside is that Pear is meant as a leave-in device. If you remove it, you also lose access to apps or files stored on it.

Because older Macbooks are still kicking, Pear will definitely find an audience. Just don’t take it out.

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Published October 29, 2015 — 19:11 UTC