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Google’s OnHub router is actually a Chromebook in disguise

Here’s a surprise for you: Google’s OnHub router is actually a Chromebook in cylindrical form.

A modder over at was able to root the OnHub much in the same way they would with a Chromebook, and indeed, the router runs something very similar to ChromiumOS.

It’s a lengthy explanation – the video above is 21 minutes long – but it boils down to booting the OnHub in developer mode by combining a key sequence with flipping a secret switch under one of its screws.

Now that it’s rootable, perhaps someone will figure out how to enable the currently-useless USB port, or activate its disabled radio. Watch the video above for an explanation of the process, or head on over to for a description of the reverse engineering and more on the entire root procedure.

Gaining Root On The Google OnHub [ via Android Police]

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Published October 9, 2015 — 17:15 UTC