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Epic Games’ Bullet Train demo lets you shoot VR robot enemies with your hands

If you’re still in doubt about how Oculus’ VR tech will revolutionize gaming, take a look at Epic Games’ new demo, titled Bullet Train.

The VR experience drops you into a futuristic environment teeming with robot enemies on the ground and in the air. You can teleport instantly to dodge their attacks and return gunfire using Oculus’ Touch controllers that are designed for your hands, making for seriously immersive gameplay.

Epic Games, famous for creating the Unreal game engine as well as titles like Infinity Blade and Unreal Tournament, are demoing Bullet Train at the Oculus Connect conference. You can also watch the developers discuss the making of the title on Twitch.

Introducing Bullet Train: A new VR experience [Unreal Engine Blog via Wired]

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Published September 25, 2015 — 06:54 UTC