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Withings’ alarm clock helps you sleep and wake with the help of light, sound and Spotify


It feels like everything around the home can be connected to the internet these days (even if I’m still waiting for a sit-tracking sofa). Continuing the trend, Withings has today announced a smart alarm clock that boasts Spotify integration to help you drift off to sleep and wake up to a suitable soundtrack.

The Aura Connected Alarm Clock is actually a breakout of the alarm clock component of Withings’ existing Aura Total Sleep System. It’s also a bedside lamp that can monitor light and sound levels to ensure that the room’s ambience is conducive to a good night’s sleep and a pleasant awakening.

Withings says that in the mornings, users can be woken up with blue melatonin-inhibiting light accompanied by their choice of ambient sounds and Spotify tracks. At bedtime, a range of sleep-inducing programs are on offer, such as red light in the narrow spectrum coupled with relaxing sounds that gradually soften.

Spotify integration is also coming to the existing Aura Total Sleep System, which costs $299.95. You can buy the Connected Alarm Clock for $189.95 and the standalone Aura Sleep Sensor for $129.95. The new product range will roll out in Q4 this year.

Withings Aura

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Published September 3, 2015 — 16:00 UTC