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Amazon makes its Dash buttons virtually free and adds 11 more brands

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Amazon made its Dash buttons available for all Prime members in July and now it’s adding eleven new buttons to the program for items such as trash bags, table wear, supplements and even gum.

Amazon is also incentivizing Prime members to avail of the service by offering $4.99 account credit for every $4.99 spent buying a button, so they are essentially free.

Since they were released, the push-to-order buttons have been automatically ordering and shipping specific items like Bounty and Cottonelle directly to the houses of Prime members with virtually no effort involved.

The latest update brings the total number of brands available to 29. Some of the new additions include Dixie table products, Ziploc bags, Orbit gum and Ice Breakers mints.

I always thought it seemed a little odd to pay for something in order to buy more things but this latest incentive makes the doodads a lot more appealing.

Amazon Dash

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Published September 2, 2015 — 13:41 UTC