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Megabots is raising funds to get NASA’s help in building the ultimate battle bot


Last month, US robotics firm Megabots challenged its Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel between their giant robots. When Suidobashi accepted on the condition that the bots must engage in melee combat, Megabots realized it needed a little financial help.

The firm has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so it can upgrade its mighty Mark II robot and increase its armor, speed and hand-to-hand fighting abilities.

The team has set a starting goal of $500,000 to cover these enhancements, which will help it engage Howe & Howe Technologies to make the Mark II twice as fast as Suidobashi’s Kuratas bot.

A stretch goal of $1,000,000 will allow Megabots to work with the award-winning team at IHMC Robotics to develop a balance control system that will help keep the Mark II upright through a gruelling fight.


If it can raise $1,250,000, Megabots will be able to rope in NASA to help build safety systems for the cockpit, where a human operator will sit, control the Mark II and hopefully survive the duel.

Backers will receive rewards like Mark II-themed stickers, posters, a custom character in the free-to-play cross-platform game Robocraft, t-shirts and even a 3D-printed model bot.

Larger sums of cash will score you a chance to ride Mark II on an obstacle course, test its weapons on a car and join the pit crew during its epic battle with Kuratas.

Support Team USA in the Giant Robot Duel! [Kickstarter]

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Published August 19, 2015 — 08:45 UTC