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Buddy is a glowing smart collar for your dog

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Okay, so let’s get the usual caveat out of the way first: This is a post about a Kickstarter project so apply your usual skepticism about the creators’ ability to deliver it on time, on budget and at all, for that matter. 

Pet tech is getting more and more prevalent from startups like WonderWoof and giants like Nikon. The latest project to pop up is Buddy, a smart collar from Squeaker, a company that makes pet safety products.

The coolest dog on the beach
The coolest dog on the beach

The device is an LED dog collar – so your pooch can stand out at night – that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and a range of sensors. The idea is that you can keep track of your dog’s temperature, exercise levels and location from your smartphone.

This is actually a wearable for woofers that I can imagine buying for my parents’ dog Ziggy. It pays attention to the core needs of our canine friends and looks well put together and thought out. You can get one for $132 (AUS $180), with a range of other packages available if you back the project with more cash.

As of writing, Buddy is just under half way towards its goal with 16 days to go.

There are obviously lots of ideas out there for tracking how your pet is getting on, so make sure you look around and see what will suit your pal best before you plump to back a particular project.

Buddy [Kickstarter via Hypebeast]

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Published August 17, 2015 — 09:23 UTC