Sir Clive Sinclair’s folding A-Bike has returned and this time it’s electric

There’s been a bit of trend for reviving design classics that sprang from the mind of Sir Clive Sinclair. First the ZX Spectrum got a reboot, now the inventor’s telescopic folding bicycle, the A-Bike, is back.

The A-Bike Electric is, of course, being funded and promoted with a Kickstarter campaign. The covers were pulled off it today and it’s already brought in over £12,000 ($18,000) of its £40,000 ($68,000) target.


Sinclair first introduced the folding bike in 2006. The original model weighs 5.5kg and packs down to a small enough size that you can put in a rucksack.

The new version comes with a detachable 24V battery, that the makers say can give you up to 25km of range. The bike works fine without the extra help, so you’re good if you run out of juice.


On the one hand, the A-Bike is a pretty great technological achievement. On the other, it makes grown adults riding it look like ludicrous circus clowns.

If you’re interested in getting hold of an A-Bike Electric, early-bird backers can snag one for £515 ($804). If you leave it too late, the price will jump to £589 ($920). When it hits the shops, it’ll be £699 ($1,089).

A-Bike Electric [Kickstarter]

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Published July 15, 2015 — 11:51 UTC