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The $49 Lenovo Cast looks like Apple TV and Chromecast had a baby

Lenovo has announced a host of new products, the most interesting – besides its crazy new projector phone – is the Lenovo Cast, which will mirror your Android device’s screen on your TV.

The puck-shaped device looks like an unholy cross between Apple TV and a Chromecast. It hooks up to your telly via HDMI.

Rather than using proprietary tech like the Chromecast, Lenovo Cast relies on the Wi-Fi alliance’s Miracast standard and DLNA, both of which are supported by most modern Android devices.

That means the device should be able to mirror your phone or tablet’s display, acting as a wireless HDMI connection. However, if your phone screen turns off, the TV output will too.

Lenovo claims the signal should travel over 20 meters and through two walls. The Lenovo Cast will be available worldwide in August for $49.

Lenovo [via Android Police]

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Published May 28, 2015 — 09:40 UTC

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