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Lenovo’s projector phone puts apps on the table, literally

Lenovo started selling more smartphones than PCs last year, then gobbled up Motorola when Google cast it aside, and has been doing some very intriguing things ever since. Here’s the latest: An entirely new kind of projector phone.

Pico projectors were trendy a few years back – and we even saw a pretty interesting Android projector recently – but Lenovo’s new model is different.

The Smart Cast has an integrated focus-free laser projector rather than using the Digital Light Processing technology favored by traditional pico projectors.

It’ll throw images onto a wall with relative ease, but where it gets fun is the “surface mode”. Rotate the projector cap and deploy the phone’s kickstand and your apps are suddenly on the table in front of you.

That means you can tap away at a virtual keyboard or play games using the projection, but without getting to mess with one, we can’t tell how intuitive that will actually be.

Lenovo hasn’t said when or where the Smart Cast will be available or how much it will cost when it does arrive. Still, enjoy the bonkers video above in the meantime.

Lenovo [via Pocket Lint]

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Published May 28, 2015 — 09:03 UTC