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Xiaomi is launching its online store in the US and Europe, but no phones yet

Mi store XIaomi Mi com

Xiaomi is finally hitting the US and Europe with the launch of its online store in a few days, but you still won’t be able to buy any of its phones.

The store will be available on June 1 in the US and June 2 in the UK, France and Germany. You’ll be able to purchase some of its accessories, including the Mi Power Bank, Mi Headphones and Mi Band.

There are two power banks available: a 10400 mAh battery that Xiaomi says can charge an iPhone 6 “at least” 3.5 times, and a slim 5000 mAh battery. These will cost you $15 and $10, respectively. The Mi Band is a simple activity tracker/pedometer which will set you back $15, while the Mi Headphones cost $80.

While phones would certainly be preferable, hopefully this is a step towards their future availability.

Published May 27, 2015 — 17:25 UTC