Edjing wireless ‘Mixfader’ crossfader comes to Kickstarter, shipping in November

A couple of months ago, DJIT, the company behind the DJ app Edjing, announced that it was bringing a wireless crossfader to market.

This excited quite a lot of people, and so, looking to capitalize on that support, DJIT decided to bring the product to eager buyers via Kickstarter, so that it can garner last minute ideas before setting the final design.

Credit: DJIT

For example, one of the changes in the interim since we first looked at it is the switch from using a plastic shell to a metal one, which should help make it more robust and give it a slightly classier air.

As before, it connects to a tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth, and the company promises that it has “ultra-low latency” technology to keep your scratches and transitions in time. Or, more accurately, as in time as you can manage – there shouldn’t be any lag to blame.

The total goal for the project is $50,000, with the cheapest tier to get a Mixfader unit starting from $49, which is $80 less than the post-Kickstarter retail price. Once those limited units have gone, the next cheapest is €69. All units are scheduled to ship in November this year, and as with any other Kickstarter project we’d always caution caveat emptor.

➤ Mixfader – the world’s #1 connected object for becoming a DJ [Kickstarter]

Published May 27, 2015 — 07:00 UTC