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This smart water filter will send you push notifications to stop being so thirsty

drink ya damn water

Raise your hand if you actually manage to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

If you did, you may close out this article, or continue reading for funsies. If not, you’re about to be hydration-shamed by Cove, a new ‘smart’ water filtration system that can send you push notification reminders to get your drink on.

design_4_product_filterCove is designed for the new age thirsty kinds, packing a refillable pail that goes inside of a sleek aluminum body. It’s even got a gesture-controlled UI that lets you swipe to dispense water and tap to stop, while pulsing soft, mood lighting to show that it’s working.

Beneath the exterior are multiple sensors that work with a companion app to tell you when to refill water, when to change out the filter, what temperature you’d like to set the water, and of course, how much water you’d like to drink a day so it can let you know when it’s time to rehydrate.


While you may not always be home to drink water out of your fancy new system, the app might be a good reminder that you should regularly flush out your daily toxins and reenergize. Especially if you don’t feel like dropping $249 on a new water filter.

But if you do, Cove is available for pre-order today and is expected to ship later this year. Because remember: Thirsty is not a good look.

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Published May 5, 2015 — 22:27 UTC