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Virgin Trains is testing a new way to track your lost luggage

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UK train operator Virgin Trains is currently trialling HomingPIN – a new system that aims to help you track down your lost luggage. 1,000 customers are testing it out at the moment.

The service works by giving each person a unique PIN code to register on the HomingPIN website. You also have to register your email address and phone number. The company says it will never share this information with anyone else.

You will then receive a luggage tag, key ring and some labels branded with your unique PIN to attach to the belongings you want to track. It is good to note that these could be used on phones, laptops and passports, just as much as on suitcases.

That way, if you lose any of your tracked items, a Virgin Trains staff member, or in fact anyone, can enter the code on the HomingPIN website and arrange to have the item returned.

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Published April 14, 2015 — 11:13 UTC