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OnePlus’ latest product is a palm-sized drone

OnePlus Drone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus picked a great day to launch an unexpected product. The DR-1 is a tiny quadrocopter that you can pilot with an included remote for a bit of fun.

The company claims that the DR-1 is the smallest remote-controlled drone in the world. It can fly for about eight minutes on a 20-minute charge, and can perform four-axis flips on command.

An April Fool’s Day prank and a real product in equal measure, the DR-1 is available in limited quantities via OnePlus’ site for $19.99.

OnePlus Drone remote

You can’t buy it through OnePlus’ online store for India, but you can enter a giveaway to get your hands on one via the company’s local Facebook page.

OnePlus DR-1

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Published April 1, 2015 — 05:09 UTC