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HTC One M9 available to pre-order for $649 SIM-free from today in US


HTC has confirmed that US customers wanting to get in on the new HTC One M9 action will be able to pre-order the device directly for $649 from midnight (ET) tonight.

According to Engadget, people who pre-order early will get the devices before the general release date on April 10.


Of course, if the thought of shelling out $649 for a SIM-free handset doesn’t really seem viable, then you can always wait to see what sort of subsidies operators are offering on their own price plans.

Whichever route buyers take to end up at the HTC One M9, it will include a year of HTC’s new Uh Oh protection, which allows for a replacement handset if you accidentally break or damage your phone.

➤ HTC [via Engadget]

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Published March 26, 2015 — 12:45 UTC