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Amazon is adding support for USB storage and other new features to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


Amazon has today announced a raft of new features, which include expandable storage, that are headed to its Fire TV box and streaming sticks.

When the over-the-air update rolls out, these devices will also gain support for wireless Bluetooth headphones and a new more secure PIN entry screen to keep them secure – and to ensure that your kids can’t see the PIN as you type it in.

There will also be a few new shortcuts to make operation a little easier, like pressing and holding the Home button to enable display mirroring. Amazon said it has also put together “hundreds of expertly curated Prime Playlists” based on mood, activity, artist or decade.

Of course, the most useful feature will likely be that support for plugging in USB drives for additional storage of content and games.

Alongside the new features, Amazon today announced that the Fire TV Streaming Stick is available to pre-order in the UK, Austria and Germany. Shipping starts early next month, and the software rollout is scheduled to arrive “in the coming weeks,” Amazon said.

➤ Amazon Announces New Features for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick [Amazon]

Published March 24, 2015 — 13:25 UTC