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HTC announces the ‘Grip,’ its first wearable (but it’s only headed to the US)

htc grip

HTC has announced its first wearable and it comes aimed at active users that want to accurately track their workouts and other activity.

Called the Grip, the device is designed to tie in with HTC’s deal with Under Armour, announced earlier this year and as such will link to the UA app. While the sportsband and activity wearable marketplace is now flooded with options, HTC is hoping that by proving more accurate tracking, it’ll be able to lure in the most dedicated users. To achieve this is uses GPS in combination with a pedometer.

htc grip wear

There’s a downside to that GPS tracking though, with it switched off, the 100mAh battery will last “a couple of days,” according to HTC. If you switch it on though, you’ll get just five hours or so.

For now, the Grip is a US-only affair but if successful, HTC would likely be looking to introduce it into other countries.

Published March 1, 2015 — 15:39 UTC