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This video shows what it’s like to wear Sony’s chunky clip-on heads-up display

Sony wearable

Sony announced last year that it was working on a wearable device you could attach to your glasses for a Google Glass-style heads-up display of notifications, directions, fitness stats and more. The company showed off the SmartEyeglass Attach at this year’s CES, and now has a demo that lets you see what it’s like when you use it.

The Single-Lens Display Module has a processor and sensors that allow it to calculate and display certain stats on its own. It also packs a connectivity module that lets it pair with a smartphone to relay notifications and other content on the 0.23 inch OLED display.

It clips on to just about any piece of eyewear so you don’t have to stay married to one particular pair of glasses to use it. Professionals who need both hands free while out in the field (say, on a construction site or in a chemical laboratory) could certainly benefit from having data at eye level.

However, given how conspicuous it looks, it probably won’t catch on among casual users in its present form.

Sony says that the unit should hit shelves next year.

➤ Single-Lens Display Module demo: the concept model SmartEyeglass Attach [Sony Developer World]

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Published February 13, 2015 — 10:56 UTC

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