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Obama signs E-Label act so your next phone can drop the ugly logos

2014-11-27 15.25.44

Your next phone might drop the ugly logos on the back altogether, with President Barack Obama officially signing the E-Label act into law today.

The E-Label act means that most of those logos on the back of your phone can be displayed using software instead of on the device itself. This means that future smartphones, like the iPhone in 2016, may drop the majority of the logos on the back.

When the E-Label law passed through the House it was unanimously approved and went through the Senate with no further issue.

Not only does the act mean manufacturers can drop the logos, Bob Latta, the sponsor of the bill said that it will save manufacturers money having to place the labels on devices.

Unfortunately, the CE logo found on many devices is governed by European Union, so it may have to stick around a while longer yet. But hey, a phone with a few less markings is great, right?

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Published November 27, 2014 — 02:33 UTC