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Jolla Tablet will get a 3.5G version if its crowdfunding campaign hits $2.5 million

Jolla Tablet

The crowdfunded Jolla Tablet broke the $1 million barrier in just over a day. Now having more than tripled its original $380,000 target, Jolla has announced that it’s adding new campaign goals including the option of built-in 3.5G data.

Jolla says it will add the option for Jolla Tablet owners in Europe to upgrade their device to a 3.5G HSDPA for $30 if the campaign hits $2.5 million. It will look to make the cellular-connected version available in other markets later.

Other campaign goals, based on the most wanted features submitted via its community platform, include a split screen user interface (unlocked at $1.75 million) and extending memory card support up to 128GB (unlocked at $1.5 million).

Jolla has also announced a starter kit to allow backers of the IndieGoGo campaigns to become Jolla Tablet distributors. To take part, you’ll need to buy 20 units at once for $3,499 to get a 30 percent discount on the expected retail price and access to marketing assets.

The Jolla Tablet crowd-funding campaign is running until 9 December. The company is aiming to ship the finished device by May 2015.

Jolla [IndieGoGo]

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Published November 27, 2014 — 14:23 UTC